Phoenix Fencing Academy was established in 2018 by Will and Sabrina Becker. We believe that success has everything to do with the environment, and coaches we supply our members with on a daily basis! We pride ourselves on our family atmosphere, exceptional facility, our world-class coach and our dynamic programs. We currently run sessions in multiple after school programs as well as strive to be active in our community.

PFA also takes great pride in guiding today’s youth toward their dreams. In doing so, we strive to help members receive acceptance to a college of their choice for their continued quest for a higher education.

A little of Will and Sabrina:

Will and Sabrina started this business for the love of the sport and the kids involved in it. They met while working at a youth international competition in 2012 (Cancun, Mexico); and since then, their love for the sport of fencing, and their beautiful family, just keeps growing.

What's NEW!!
  • Congratulations Leonid Kotov (Cadet) on your TOP 8 MEDAL at July Challenge in Salt Lake City!
  • Congratulations William Barber (Junior) on your TOP 16 and B21 at July Challenge in Salt Lake City!!
  • Congratulations Jackson McBride (Division 1) on your TOP 8 MEDAL and A21 at National Championships in Philadelphia!!
  • Congratulations Kara Linder (Division 1) on your BRONZE MEDAL and A21 at National Championships in Philadelphia!!
  • Congratulations JACKSON MCBRIDE AND LUKE LINDER on making the 2021 USA Junior National Team!!! They are currently ranked 5th and 9th in the World and will be be representing the USA in Cairo, Egypt at World Championships April 3rd and 5th!!
  • CONGRATULATIONS KARA AND LUKE LINDER! Both have become 2021 NCAA National Champions (Individual and Team)!!
COVID 19 Update:
  • ***PFA IS OPEN!!!****
  • Due to COVID-19, OUR SCHEDULE HAS TEMPORARILY CHANGED. Please call us for your groups schedule AND/OR your new sessions!